About Us

While the idea for ssusē started in 2017, I realize how so many small moments in my life have built the path to its foundation.

I’ve witnessed my father speak to a homeless man with the same candor and geniality he does his own family and my mother always offer a helping hand without needing to be asked. As kids, we volunteered at the local women’s shelter packing boxes and making luminaries; we realized early on how lucky we were just to have a home.

While following a mother’s story of her daughter battling cancer, I was devastated when I saw this child gained her angel wings. I felt compelled to do something, I reached out to friends and put together a care package including a gift card for spa services, hoping this tiny gesture could in some way, give this grieving mother an ounce of solace. I worried a massage might come off as trivial and wished there was a better way. I wanted the ability to let her choose what she wanted or needed, something to use for herself.

It didn’t exist, so I built it.

These small moments, these human gestures, the amazing feeling of giving, inspired me to create ssusē- a way to send something useful. A gift that someone can use towards making their day a little bit easier, a little bit brighter.